About Us

We are a family of 6, my husband and I and our four girls. We now are blessed with a wonderful son-in-law and wonderful grandson! We are very lucky to be blessed with a happy healthy family! I am very proud of my family and their goals in life. I feel extra lucky in life. I was a dog lover from the start! My dad is a retired Veterinarian in my local home town of Bluffton, Indiana. He is the most intelligent person I know and has helped me in everything I do with my dogs and others. You are either a true dog lover or you're not. I love them all, big and small. My life is surrounded by dogs and cats, and love what I do. I think my kids are very lucky to have this experience.

One of my goals is to have my groomers enjoy their jobs. This ensures that the customers' dogs are all treated with lots of love and attention. Every dog that comes to my shops should be loved and doted on while they are in our care. I am very particular that my employees must love dogs, first and foremost. Another goal is to have our customers' dogs want to come back to see us. If they come in scared, I always feel so bad for the dog. I wonder if they feel like I do when I have to go to the dentist, funny, but true!

I will always do the very best to make you and your pets happy. If there is ever something I need to improve upon, I welcome the emails or phone calls. I have many customers I consider my friends in addition to being my customer. If your pet ever needs to stay with us for an extended time, I will give you a discounted rate, so please just ask. Times can be hard and everyone can use a break with money.


Kids growing up just like our pups! They all grow so fast.